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ShapeDigest #36: Gatorade Has Entered The World of Tech!

ShapeDigest #36: Gatorade Has Entered The World of Tech!
By Team Shape • Issue #36 • View online
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This week are all about tracking. Gatorade, the long-time sponsor of pouring ice-cold water down your coach’s back, has been dabbling in the world of tech! Seeing as they have a keen interest in the industry of hydration, the sports-drink mogul has created adhesive patch designed to track your hydration levels. We are one pair of Nikes, a la Back To The Future, away from truly being in the fitness future folks. 
Also, have you been sleeping okay? Does this sound like your mother talking? Well, it turns out mum was right. Sleeping has proven to be a vital part of any fitness routine. Good thing that in this week’s episode of 20 Minute Fitness our favorite British host Charlie is back! Here learn you a thing or two about how to catch some quality zzzzz’s. 

Fit-Tech Feature: Hack Hydration With Gatorade's Wearable
20 Minute Fitness Podcast
This week Charlie is back as the host of 20 Minute Fitness! He is back with some tips and info about sleep can affect your exercise and fitness. Are you not reaching your fitness goals because you can’t catch some sleep? Sleep can easily be the reason you may be packing on a few extra pounds. Learn how to hack your sleeping habits in this week’s episode! 
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