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ShapeDigest#35: Willing To Gamble On Your Run?

ShapeDigest#35: Willing To Gamble On Your Run?
By Team Shape • Issue #35 • View online
First, a very big thank you to everyone who applied to be an alpha or beta tester! Our team is so excited to have people just like you harnessing the ability of ShapeScale very soon! 
Okay, now on to the fit-tech. This week we are looking into the unique running motivation of Runbet. This app challenges you to bet on your ability to complete a running program and if you do, ta-dah you get to split the pot with other community winners! 
Read on to find out how can earn some extra change for that extra mileage…

Fit-Tech Feature Runbet: Boost Your Run With A Bet
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That wraps it up for this week!     
If you have any suggestions on what you would like us to cover from fit-tech to podcast, just let us know! You can email me at with your ideas, love to hear ‘em. 
Have a great week and hope to see you soon! 
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