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Shape Digest #25: 6 Reasons To Use A Fitness Planner, Magic Leap One - Announced

Shape Digest #25: 6 Reasons To Use A Fitness Planner, Magic Leap One - Announced
By Team Shape • Issue #25 • View online
Weekly News: This edition looks at the most desirable wearable tech coming in 2018 and some tips and tricks to make 2018 the year you achieve your dream physique. 

Hello Everyone!
Charlie again. This edition is all about making 2018 your best year ever. I know we all say this, but together we can ensure we hit our goals. Shape is always just an email away for any health & fitness related questions you may have.
If you incorporate some of the tips we include in these weekly newsletters and listen to our 20-minute fitness podcast I am sure we can achieve our goals.
So here is what I want you all to do. Send me an email ( with your goal for 2018 and I will include those in the next newsletter. With the help of the Shape Community and the fact you have now expressed your goals, we will keep each other accountable and motivated.
Sound fair?
My goal is to commence a lean bulk towards the end of January and cut down to a body fat % around 11% for Summer. 
I say lean bulk as somehow I always end up “Dirty-Bulking” - think I love food a bit too much. 
Shape Blog
6 Reasons Why You Should Use A Fitness Planner
Fit-Tech Feature
Fit-Tech Feature - Oakley's Radar Pace Fitness Sunglasses
#Shapefam Photo Of The Week
The power is in your hands! This is your opportunity to write in and say which topics you would like us to cover in the 20-minute fitness podcast. You are welcome to suggest more than one topic.
Also, if you leave us a review on Itunes and send an email, we will send you a mystery prize.
Fat Loss
4-Week Power Walking Plan for Weight Loss
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Stay tuned for more episodes coming on Mindful Eating and Micronutrients That Could Boost Your Athletic Performance.
Muscle Gaining
The Ultimate Guide To Leg Day Nutrition
Magic Leap One Revealed & More Exciting 2018 Releases
How To Finally Achieve Your Dream Physique in 2018
The New Foods To Incorporate Into Your Diet In 2018
Well, this is the last Shape Digest for 2017. I hope you are excited for smashing your goals in 2018. I know I am.
Please do write in and tell me your goals and I will include them in the next edition.
Also, use the #shapefam on your Instagram photos so I can share your fitness transformations with all our community.
Happy New Year Everyone!
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Team Shape

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