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HUGE Apologies About Previous Edition! Shape Digest #17 Recap

HUGE Apologies About Previous Edition! Shape Digest #17 Recap
By Team Shape • Issue #18 • View online
Hey everyone!
One of our Shape Digest subscribers emailed me and he informed me that the articles from the previous Shape Digest were missing! Gutted!
I am very sorry for this. We believe it was an issue with the newsletter software we use.
I hope you do not feel bombarded by emails but I want to ensure you remain up to date with the latest headlines in Fitness & Health.
So this newsletter includes the articles you were meant to see yesterday!
The next newsletter will be sent out as usual next Tuesday.
Please accept my apologies again :) 
Remember you can also find our Podcast here: Google Play Music and here on Stitcher.

Fit-Tech Feature Of The Week
The ŌURA Ring: Shape — Blog
20-Minute Fitness Podcast
20 Minute Fitness by Shape on Apple Podcasts
Muscle Building
Fat Loss
Give Me Fat Loss
Spacing Out After A Lack Of Sleep?
 What Is This New Ingredient Theacrine?
Apologies again!
Fingers crossed it works this time! 
Our new Podcast will be live soon which takes a different spin to the previous 2-episodes.
Do not forget to leave us a review on the Podcast App.
Catch you next week!
Team Shape 
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Team Shape

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