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ShapeDigest #37 SMASH Past That Plateau 👊

In this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we explain how to set, monitor and stick to your macros. Setting your macros is a fundamental aspect of a successful diet plan. Macros truly are the key when it comes to proper nutrition. This is because all calories are n…


ShapeDigest #36: Gatorade Has Entered The World of Tech!

This week Charlie is back as the host of 20 Minute Fitness! He is back with some tips and info about sleep can affect your exercise and fitness. Are you not reaching your fitness goals because you can't catch some sleep? Sleep can easily be the reason you may…


ShapeDigest#35: Willing To Gamble On Your Run?

Beat soreness and avoid burnout. This week's podcast covers some of the best methods to best recover your body. Including what you should drink immediately after a workout and post workout nutrition is suited to your goals. Catch it all on the 20 Minute Fitne…


ShapeDigest #34: Become A ShapeScale Alpha-Pilot Tester!

Check out this week's 20 Minute Fitness Podcast! We cover topics like the latest diet crazes, how to supercharge your nutrition and the best exercises for your fitness goals! Each episode is only 20 Minutes making it the perfect listen for your commute or mid…


ShapeDigest #33: Shirts vs. Skins (The Tech Version)

Check out our 20 Minute Fitness Podcast! We talk all things nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. The perfect length for your commute with tips backed by science. Pick up some quick facts and better fitness regime. Available on your favorite podcast app.


ShapeDigest #32: SMASH Your Fitness Goals With This Easy Tip

We've all been there. Our head wants to give up before our body does. So how do we get past that mental block? Listen in on tips from the pros. If anyone knows how to be mentally tough it's the athletes who push themselves every day. In this episode of 20 Min…


ShapeDigest #31: Annihilate Your Run With Data From Your Hips

On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness, Martin Kessler talks about the 5 supplements for faster muscle gain. Have you hit a plateau with your progress? Learn about the ways you can reach your goals faster via your nutrition.


Shape Digest #30: Tech + Denim = Whole New Kind of Smart Jeans

That's it for this week! Before you know it, it'll be March and summer will just be an arms length away. Keep your goals close and the idea of a warm summer closer! Cheers! Lesley P.S. Have any ideas for a future blog post or podcast topic? I'm all ears! Send…


ShapeDigest #29: Relaaaax This Robot Is Here To Help.

On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we talk about the latest health craze... the keto diet! Or more specifically ketone supplementation. We crack open the myths and science behind these new supplements. Also, we take a look at the very popular MCT sup…


Shape Digest #28: It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No it's a Ab Workout!

On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness, we interview fitness guru, cosplayers and YouTuber Matt Kido aka "GokuFlex". We talk about his goal setting method, how he measures progress and how he keeps in shape. Hear about some of the first influencers that inspire…


Shape Digest #27: I See London, I See France, I See Fit-Tech Underpants

Shout out to @nerdyjock85 for some great shape inspo this week! Check out his insta to find out more about his amazing fitness journey!


Shape Digest #26: 9 Amazing Running Apps, Aaptiv Fit-Tech Review and Brand New 20 Minute Podcast

Looking for new insta inspiration? Check out @omrigrines1, the #shapefam photo of the week for fantastic fitness inspiration, travel snaps and more!


Shape Digest #25: 6 Reasons To Use A Fitness Planner, Magic Leap One - Announced

Hello Everyone!Charlie again. This edition is all about making 2018 your best year ever. I know we all say this, but together we can ensure we hit our goals. Shape is always just an email away for any health & fitness related questions you may have.If you…


Shape Digest #24: Lose Stubborn Belly Fat, Mystery Prize & Quantified-Self

A little ShapeScale feature for this weeks #Shapefam picture. The 3D heat mapping technology that ShapeScale yields allows you to see where you have gained muscle and lost fat as your past and present scans are compared. Muscle and fat have different densitie…


Shape Digest #23: Fitness Hacks & The Best Fitness Apps Of 2017!

A bit of motivation for the #shapefam community today! Who has done something that has made themselves proud? Who plans to do something? You will thank yourself in the future.Remember to get featured in the Shape Digest, #shapefam on your Instagram photos.


Shape Digest #22: BEAT The Fat Loss Plateau, Make Money By Exercising

Something a little different this week! A bit of motivation for you all. Just rocking up at the gym is not enough, you need to seriously put in that work if you want to see results. Who is pushing themselves hard?


Shape Digest #21: 12 Days Of Christmas, Fitness Gifts Guide

Congratulations to @marcusahlstroem on taking the classic physique title. We have been following him carefully as he prepared for this day and as you can see from the photos it definitely paid off. Definitely go and give him a follow. I am sure he would be ha…


Shape Digest #20: BUZZING: Could Coffee Save Your Life? Avoid The Holiday Weight!

This week our #Shapefam photo features some of the members of Team Shape (@shapescale) after completing the Spartan Race Sprint at AT&T Park. It was a great day and we look forward to our next Spartan Race. Remember if you would like your photo to be feat…


Shape Digest #19: The ULTIMATE Guide To Tracking Progress

Whats up Shape Fans!This week we have loads of amazing content for you! Including our own ultimate guide for tracking progress (this will change your life)We have also done the best buyers guide for wireless earphones for working out.We hope you enjoy!


HUGE Apologies About Previous Edition! Shape Digest #17 Recap

Apologies again!Fingers crossed it works this time! Our new Podcast will be live soon which takes a different spin to the previous 2-episodes.Do not forget to leave us a review on the Podcast App.Catch you next week!CharlieTeam Shape